The Song:

I have never cried that much in my life as when watching naruto or hearing this song lol.

It’s become a part of my ritual to cope with sad times in life. I feel like this song kinda gives me “permission” to cry.

I try to keep steady and stoic throughout bad times, but I need a way to express those emotions when the dust settles.

It’s been like this through my childhood, teenage years, college, and beyond.

Losing friends, relatives. Bad breakups.

It is a song that tells me “hey it’s okay”.

Almost like a hug.

Naruto changed my life for the better. Helped me deal with bad times, pick myself up, become good at something, and then help others.

All I have is gratitude.

Originally published at on January 27, 2023.



Let’s start with some basic definitions.

The Flaneur 🚶‍♀️

From french meaning: wanderer, stroller.

Also means “to walk without a clear end in sight”. Or to walk in order to think/organize ideas.

Ever heard of the power walk when you have lots of problems in your mind, so you solve them during a light stroll with no destination in mind? If not you gotta try it.

The Tourist 🛩️

Someone with a clear end in sight.

Tourists spend their days and nights planning to have fun in a specific location for a specific length of time in a very controllable environment that is thought to maximize fun/time.

In other words, a very boring person.

The key difference between tourists and flaneurs is how one deals with…

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