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Simple checkpoint on how my projects are doing

Lucas Schiavini | ルスキラ
2 min readDec 27, 2023


Today is December 14th, 2023 I already posted an IndieHacker newsletter today, so I’m scheduling this one for next week.

Anyway here’s how all my things look.


I’ve been on and off making videos since I was 13 years old. My first channel was called Skira(a nickname a friend gave me in high school — Schiavini — Skira).

High school was very chaotic for me, I moved from place to place a lot, and the things that remained most constant were my online friends, video games, and wanting to make something out of nothing. I built my first robot at the age of 13, designed cards for my dad at 14, and started making videos around the same age. One of my best-performing videos was this one:


Video games used to inspire me to create videos, I eventually made a new trailer based on an obsession of mine(Played Skyrim in high school for over 2000+ hours haha):

Watch it😉

There are some other weird videos there, me and my mates at the dorms, and other robot stuff there too.

But I decided on “Putting my name on things” as Naval said:

So I created this blog under my own name (the previous one was called Skira Industries — had it for the entirety of college but I was too scared to share it with other people I knew) and my new channel Lucas Schiavini.

I started posting daily on this new channel at the beginning of the year, then after 20 days I went weekly, and then monthly, and then I said “All these fucking videos are hella boring I wanna make something I wanna watch”.

And so that’s why I’m on a hiatus, working my ass off whenever I have time outside of work to make a great video.

This beautiful blog

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