Here’s the deal.

I’m angry as f#ck against every single teacher I’ve met in College so far.

For the sake of name-calling, it’s University of Brasilia.

And my anger isn’t towards teachers themselves, just to the fact that they haven’t figured out a way to explain things without sounding BORING…

Hello guys, galss, and whomever is reading.

I’ve been new to the tech industry, but I’m gonna share the little bits I know on how to start working in Tech.

So first things first…

You need a Foundation

What does a foundation in Tech look like? I’ll list on 3 separate topics.

Basic Programming

I’ve always been fascinated about how some people can reach large audiences and have a less than stellar product.

Clearly there was something about how they presented themselves and their product that matched the needs of an audience.

And it shattered the idea that I had that good products speak…

Lucas Schiavini

Android Engineer @ Nelogica. Badass all day errr’ day.

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